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    Universal Robotic Assistant


    people with visual disabilities

    This project has examined the problems of people with visual disabilities, to be exact - the blind and visually impaired people; an overview of the traditional means of solving the problems was conducted for this category of people, for their return to normal life. I have also proposed an innovative contemporary method that assumes using the robotic complex as a guide.



  • What designed Robot can?

    Robot can follow  users' destination.

    Follow users" instruction.

    Having a GPS and the Internet connection enables Robot to define its current location and move freely around the city.

    Define its current location and to move freely around the city.

    Developing this Robot, I implemented an innovative method of walking and stairs climbing ability.

    Walking and stairs climbing ability.

    The ability to charge mobile devices.

    Charge mobile devices.

    Robot can tell: What is the weather?; How much battery charged?; What time is it.


    1.  Weather.
    2. How much battery charged.
    3. What time is it.
    Robot has 2 sensors which detect Metan and Traffic exhaust.


    1. Metan.
    2. Traffic exhaust.
  • About Me

    The way we, Pavel Development, challenge the status quo is by making people's lives easier and comfortable.

    We make innovations and robots



    I'm founder of my invention. I live in Kiev and study in the Ukrainian school.


    My curiousity about science and technology grew into serious interest with my first LEGO sets when I was a child.


    I started looking at life from a different perspective thinking how I can expand my scientific knowledge and skills to become a professional and implement my ideas.


    I would like that more people learn about my inventions. Therefore, I participate in the Ukrainian and International competitions.

    My inventions were recognized by:

    -Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

    -Google Science Fair 2016

    2nd place in Intel ISEF 2015.
    It was a team project with my minded friends.

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